Wednesday, January 6

Resistance is key

My dear sister Marianne told me the craziest story yesterday. It involves a guy she works with and a girl he met on the internet (it really only involves the girl, but he was telling the story, so) She was living in San Diego with a bunch of roommates. Mostly they were all girls, with the exception of one guy. He was their same age, early to late 20's he was quite, super nice, but mostly kept to himself. One day quite, nice and kept to himself didn't come home. Then it turned into a few days and his roommates began to worry. They found his parents phone number and contacted them regarding his absence and their concern for his well being. To which the parents said "Well, will come talk to you about it."
So they came and so did the police to deliver this message.
Turns out quite, nice and kept to himself was a serial rapist! Meeting his woman on the internet, setting up a rendezvous and then raping them. The investigation had been ongoing for three to four years and then finally the cops had put it all together and he was arrested.
Super Crazy, right, RIGHT!!! Now you may be wondering how his roommates never knew, or why they were never attacked. Turns out homeboy was into the older ladies, 40 and 50 year olds. So that house full of hot young things was totally safe, because he was never attracted to them, in that way.
Super Crazy, is all I can say.
After telling my sister this story, the guy she works with said this nugget of knowledge. "Yeah, she was really freaked out about meeting people on the internet after that." Referring to the girl he met on the Internet and dated? Marianne wisely thought (even if she didn't convey it) that obviously she wasn't too freaked out.
I do think it teaches us all a very important lesson.Because the second Marianne started this story and said, "He was super nice, but quite, and kept to himself." I was like "OH boy, I know what that means". Because, Boys or Girls that are quite and keep to themselves but are so nice and polite usually end up being the ones with body parts in their trunks.


  1. But that picture looks just like...

    Wait, is Luke Perry a serial rapist?


  2. Do you realize you just described me? Accept for the polite rapist part of course.


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