Thursday, January 21


I have this really special gift. I can fit my whole fist in my mouth! Its strange, its fun and  really this has nothing to do with my post. However, I realized as I am sitting here, that I am actually really proud of it. Ok, the real special gift is, I have this amazing ability to say really stupid things, very loudly, the very second music dies, conversations cease or the commotion comes to a halt.Total silence for the briefest of seconds, except my tiny shrill voice booming like thunder. 
Once, I chatted up Anthony and his family, while his Dad was giving a pray, over dinner. Through the whole entire thing (I just didn't understand why they were all being so quite and looking at me so strangely) I just kept babbling away, cracking jokes, being super loud, about some ridiculous thing or another. I honestly thought his dad was just talking to his mom, in hushed tones, I mean he was barely audible, which, in looking back, I think had more to do with the loudness of my own voice.
Or, the other night I was out to diner with Lucy and Marianne. This particular restaurant has a live piano player. So when in engaging in conversation you tend to have to shout a bit. Until the guys stops and every thing else simultaneously goes quite and I am left practically yelling into the hushed room, "I was nursing some super cramps!" in the voice of a valley girl.
Then there was that time in church. We were getting ready to sing Joy to the world. Which I really love. I was engaged and determined to sing this song with a fever of, well, Joy. Well I started way before anyone else. My "JOOOOY" was loud, robust and completely alone.

Oh well....
I did also manage to combine Thanks and Thank you yesterday to this guy who held the door for me. I really appreciate this act of kindness. I hold the door for people when ever I am able. It is just a really nice gesture. I hold it for men, boys, girls, moms, dads. It doesn't matter, I just do it, because I really appreciate when the gesture is returned. I always express this appreciation by saying thank you. Or saying
"Thanks You" with a kind of slur, like I did yesterday. I was in the middle of biting my nails and it just came out all wrong. The guy just looked at me a second and said, "Welcomes."


  1. I can't hear you! Maybe you'd better take your shirt off.

    Otherwise, this post made me laugh and laugh. Is that OK?

    But I heart Welcomes. Great response.

  2. Always ok. I was laughing while writing it.


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