Thursday, January 7

The Winner Is

Ho Hum, I love award season.

 Even if it is just a two hour commercial like, The People's Choice Awards, was. I still find it entertaining and I love to see what everyone is wearing. Anthony was screaming at the television by the time it was over, it infuriated him so. It was all very predictable, Taylor Lautner and his muscles won for Break Out Actor. Jim Carrey was Favorite Comedic star. Twilight was favorite On Screen Team. Taylor Swift was favorite Female Artist (we found it shocking Lady Gaga wasn't even nominated). Turns out she is super, super skinny, Anthony who loves her and call her Tswizzle, quoted fight club perfectly saying "She looks like Meryl Streep's skeleton would, if you made it walk around a party being super nice to people." It was a snooze fest for sure. I do enjoy that everyone attending seems to be enjoying themselves. The actors and the audience, together, it was like one big party! Other award shows can seem too stuffy.

But in looking back, I think I would forgo the show and watch Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, instead.


  1. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang can happen anytime, People's Choice Awards happens only once a year.

  2. The worst part is that Muse was nominated for best band, and I totally stuffed the ballot box on that one, and Paramore still won.


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