Tuesday, January 26

So what movie are you here to see?

So aside from seeing but not meeting Joe (which kills me because I know exactly where he is camped out for the rest of the festival and I just haven't made it back up there and I have no one to blame but myself), we had an exceptional time up at Sundance. I didn't tell of all the spoils, simply because that post would have been years long. Rest assured that although we practically froze our feet from their ankles, we had a really great time. Every person we met on the shuttles, main street, standing in line, waiting for, in a shop, were instantly our best friends. Every person was so friendly, including the few stars we actually did meet and talk to. There weren't very many mind you, but there were a few.
Even when they asked the obvious question of "What movie are you seeing, or What movies have you seen." They never judged us for saying "Well... actually we are here just to see famous people." Instead in initiated a whole amazing conversation.  Needless to say it was a blast.


  1. Thumbs up. What you needed was maybe a huge security guard to become instant best friends with. Did you mention to any of them that you are into hot grandmas? Because I know what a conversation starter that one is.


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