Thursday, January 21

what? moon boots are still cool

As a gift for the new year. We got a new fancy Mac computer. It is ssmarvelous.
Our old pc had seen way better days. As in back when it was brand new in 2005. It was soo slow and just a total mess. And being the savvy consumers we are, we upgraded to a MAC. So far, I can't figure out why we waited so long, it is so fast and easy and efficient and pretty, Anthony spends most of his time just staring at it. 
One positive out of the many is we can now watch a bevy on instant movies online, with our Netflix account. We caught up on Dexter, then we started to catch up on Lost, because I can't go into the final season without being fully prepared. Then for fun, we watched the first season of LA ink.  Which was a really fun time but
 strange because all this stuff  felt so real and present but it happened four years ago. There were episodes that I hadn't seen, but knew the outcome, because its documented history. 
It then reminded me of South Park.
In 2003 Anthony and I lived in Las Vegas. My boss at the time was super flabbergasted to find out I hadn't seen much of South Park. I had seen a few episodes here and there, but that would not do. So he lent me all the seasons of South Park he owned. Which was everything you could at that point. I spent a good four months watching nothing but South Park. Which then turned into me quoting things like "Respect my authoritah." to Anthony every five minutes. Eventually he said, "Liz, South Park isn't cool anymore."
And it really crushed me. I felt really betrayed by my lateness to the party.

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  1. OH NO WAIT. Look at me! I am ripping up the internet! Even if the LJ ident doesn't work out, do you see I'm commenting as bloggerme? This is too exciting. I keep figuring stuff out like my brain is massively brilliant.

    I heart Mac! I have no knowledge of television or Netflix, but I know Mac, and I know that it is life-changing, whenever you upgrade to it. Woo woo.


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