Wednesday, December 30

Bloddy Paws Inc.: WORST OF 2009

Celeb Mess:

{Steven Adler, drummer of Guns n' Roses}
I used to DVR Sober House and make Liz watch it with me. She was happy to oblige, mostly because of Dr. Drew.

If any of you saw it, or Celebrity Rehab, know what I am talking about. He is literally a mess, and thanks to speedball, you can’t really understand him... like at all.
Ps. Can I get a Hell Yeah for the new season of Celebrity Rehab? Be still my beating Baboon heart.


  1. Oh Hell Yeah!

    I do love Dr. Drew, I spent a good two hours reading his tweets, yesterday, thanks to Alyson sending me that link, Bless her!

  2. Worst part is that this dude was fired from GnR in like 1988 and he still hasn't gotten over it. Kinda sad.


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