Tuesday, January 12

Us, cubed

{pretty nerd}

I would say most people have a little nerd hidden in their dusty corners.
(One time Liz was driving and a license plate cover said, "I'd rather be at Helm’s Deep." And she thought how nerdy, but then considered how nerdy that she knew what Helm’s Deep was.)
I say most, because I have met people that I am pretty sure they spit on anything that even resembles nerd-dom.
So, last night we were watching 21, and I decided that a mind is quite possibly the most attractive thing a person has.
One that fires on all cylinders, though: smart, fun, funny, nice, etc.
Anyhoodle, I was walking out of my math class today (which is held in the Physics building) and I was like holy pooh, I don’t think I have ever seen so many killer dudes in my entire college career.
Because all of the super nerdy/good/smart/myfuturehusbands, hang out around the Physics department!

And probably the schools of law and medicine, but I will never have a class around those parts.
I think everybody has their nerdy they like, whether it be comic book nerdy, Tolkien nerdy, or scholastic nerdy.


  1. You could almost slap a pair of thick frames and a suit on any guy and my goat would be got. You know what I mean?

  2. and maybe some Persian literature (and a harry potter, you know, to show he doent take himself too seriously)


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