Wednesday, January 13

Muffin but the best!

Dear Muffin Tops,

Why you sneaky little sneakster!

You just show up in the most inapt places and times.
Like when I am trying to focus on my supplemental instruction dates and times, but all I can really see is a man muffin top, risen and ready.
Its not entirely your fault or really the pants fault, you are both innocent bystanders of a person who can’t judge their pudge!
Still; I think its time you retired.
Let people live in a life where their pants fit them, and their love handles are not jammed up to their ears.
Do me, and the entire human population, a solid.
Love, me.

1 comment:

  1. I will celebrate the day this happens. Until then I may have to sizzle my eyes from their sockets with hot poker.NOt to be confused with hot hooker.


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