Tuesday, January 26

judging a book by its cover

This movie looks really good, as in the sets and cinematography are really exceptional. I am always down for  post-apocalyptic movies, stories, etc. I didn't have a real desire to see this one, however. I jut felt medium about the whole thing. But for some reason it is the universe's desire that I don't see Up In the Air. I have been trying to see since if first came out and it just never happens for me. Like on Saturday, when we found a showing that worked perfect with our schedule but when we got to the theater, it was sold out. So we had to pick something else, which ended up being  The Book of Eli.
Its fine, but if I could offer some advice, go see The Road or wait and rent this one.


  1. Really? i totally like it, i felt like it was really impressive.

  2. Yeah, but I think it had to do with a few things. I was really sleepy and I kept dosing off, I was looking forward to seeing up in the air, I thought the ending kinda ruined it, Mila being all badass?


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