Thursday, January 7

February, Valentines Day, did my best to avoid the red cliché

I love Valentines Day.

I mean I love Holidays period, but something about Valentines Day just really mashes my potatoes.

The second January starts I get keyed up for all things red and pink.
That’s not to say that I don’t realize that the whole concept is kind of silly and that I am a total nerd for loving it.
However, in a vain effort to show you all how good Valentines Day can be, I have created...
Dun dun-na NAAAA!

Top 5 Things you should love about Valentines Day.

Humor – Valentines Day is cheesy and humorous. Try not taking it so serious for a change. Like instead of expecting $5,000 diamond earrings enjoy the fact that you got shoe deodorizer, because your feet smell like Doritos.

Opportunity – Some people have a difficult time expressing how much you make their heart palpitate, so why not throw them a bone once a year?

Love – Are you ready for this? Love is something we all have in common, to one degree or another. It’s a universal holiday. My Dad has always been good at giving us girls presents on Valentines Day. Give your snake a few more mice, if thats who you love.

Pretty – If you haven’t caught on, I love to make things pretty. Decorations, hearts, the colors; its all good.

Food – If nothing else enjoy this….


  1. V-day is all about the little debbie heart cakes!

  2. You know, in Japan they have two Valentine days, 14 Feb and 14 Mar. One (Feb) is expressly for men to give to women and one (Mar) is for women to give to men. Thus the entire country is decorated in red, pink, hearts, cupids, etc. from the end of January until the middle of March. I thought it was festive as heck.


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