Tuesday, January 26

Freedom hangs like heaven

Have you ever had a day where everything goes faultlessly?

You find a parking space right away.
Everything you learn in Math makes complete and utter sense.
Work goes well, doesn’t drag, and you achieve exponential amounts of things.
You hear your favorite Sigur Ros song on Pandora.
You get what you've been searching for in the mail.
You have the time to clean your fridge with a bleach cocktail.
You read.
You watch some Gilmore Girls.
You write a paper, in no time at all.
And then your pizza gets called into the wrong Dominos, because 411 is hardly proficient, and you have to wait even though you are completely famished. And after all that time you go to pay for the pizza, and they GIVE it to you.
Mmhmm, for free!
Maybe it’s because you are a girl, or they genuinely felt bad, but mostly you know it’s because they wanted to ensure you had the best day... ever.


  1. Nice!!! Glad to read that you had such a perfect day!!

  2. Wow, I don't have days like that often, but I love them when they come along. Free pizza would turn that day perfect pretty quickly though.


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