Tuesday, January 12

You just do

Alright, lets discuss AVATAR.
This movie was made to been seen on a big screen like IMAX, and in 3D. Which is almost they way I saw it. It wasn't IMAX but Extreme Digital. Whatever, I feel like I got the same thing as someone who paid the big bucks for IMAX. I mean two tickets were 25 bucks. I couldn't even believe it; I think I even swore at the ticket girl when she said the amount. I mean it's ridiculous when you really think about spending that kind of cheddar to see one movie! But.... it did make the movie better. I don't know that I would have been nearly as impressed if it wasn't in 3D. I mean right. The plot was so predictable and in some parts so laughable, that I actually laughed at how dumb they think we are; as in the audience. Just the plot line of a crazy ass Villain General, is overplayed. I just felt like he was sooo ridiculous. He was so hell bent on following his rules: cuz in the Army they breed them Dumb and Heartless? Where it doesn't matter if its right or wrong; its just orders? Give me a break.
I literally threw my hands in the air when he jumped in his big robot machine suit. Because it was just soooo ridiculous for me. I mean in real life he would have died with everyone else on the ship. But of course he didn't because he is a badass General/Villain so there needs to be some battle between him and the main character and ,*snore* wake me when its over.
Then there was the love story, I mean we all knew that was going to happen but did it have to play out so lamely?
Blue Smurf girl (can't for the life of me remember her name, nor do I care to) got super pissed at JakeSully when she found out he knew of the plans to demolish Hometree, and rightfully so. I think it was well within her rights to be super pissed. But to forgive all, the second, he shows up on the big dragon(or whatever it was). I mean come on. Now that he is all interesting again, she forgives his lying face? She was way too badass for that.
That and of course the main tough Smurf guy, is going to back down and let you talk (even though you mated with his chick) because you just flew in on a DRAGON;  how can he even compete with that. He can't, no one can, and obvious, that was going to happen. I mean did they not really even want us to be surprised?

 I realize it sounds like I didn't like this movie. But I really did, other than the plot. Plus, it was really nice seeing Giovanni Ribisi; working again. I love him, even when he plays a Corporate dickhead. Its all sixes for me.


  1. I actually heard the IMAX version was exhausting, and it was better just on the plain old 3D screen. I didn't see super enhanced 3D though so you win.

    The animation and the 3D were amazing. Gorgeous.

    Everything else about the movie was ho-hum. In fact, and this may be my own unique problem, I'm getting tired of being told the earth would be better off if I'd never been born. Now I'm being told (and paying exorbitant admission fees to be told!) that some other planet light years away would likewise be better off without me. That's too much. To heck with the tree frogs, I like it here and I'm going to stay.

  2. I remember crying in the Theatre of Fern Gully. I think thats what they were going for in this... only Fern Gully is already made. So, fail.

  3. Agreed! Fern Gully, with maybe a hint of Pocahontas. And a lot more swearing.


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