Tuesday, January 19

Can we be friends?

{My man, Emile}

Ok, so I was talking with my friend Mug about a comment that an actor made.
We decided that this actor didn’t need to make an apology because it was his opinion. Then we started talking about celebrity’s opinions, and how some people find them to be fixed truths.
In that vein, I found the celebrity vote campaigns despicable; I think its bananas that anybody would vote, because a celebrity told them so. You know?
So anyway, this got me thinking about all the credit we give to celebrities, they get extensive amounts of money, when so much more goes into a movie than its acting.
Then I got thinking about how celebrities are held on a pedestal, and it’s because of us.
On one side of the spectrum, we pay for their lives, we merit getting to know what happens in them.
On the other side, who the hell cares?
Anyway, short story long...
If we really do get to meet JGL on Friday and he turns out to be tremendously uncouth, all we can do is blame ourselves.
We are the idiots who took off work to go plodding around Park City to find him.
(Only stuff like that makes life worth living; passions)
We are all enablers.

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