Thursday, January 7

And stay out!

{Jerry O'Connell losin' his Netflix}
Sometimes I do things that make no sense, even to me.

For example, I have an unopened Netflix sleeve of The Savages in my car. Said sleeve has been in my position for over a year. In my defense I got it in the mail in 2008 while I was in the most whirl wind semester of my life. However, who just doesn’t open their Netflix, and why didn’t I just send it back unwatched?
I still don’t know.
Finally Netflix was all hello, either poop or get off the pop, you have had our DVD for eveuary now, so either send it back or pay for it.
That doesn’t make any sense to me either, but I did it, and subsequently discontinued my account. Mostly because I came out of my weird nutshell of watching endless amounts of Scrubs holed up in my room.
Fast forward to last night; I am watching The Office (laughing a load, like I always do) and I thought that what I needed was a Netflix account, so I could watch things like The Office and Golden Girls at my leisure .
Only when I went back to my old account the greeting was very cold and they told me I wasn’t eligible for anything free or any sort of upgrades, or anything good like that.
I mean... that makes sense, I have been a bad girlfriend, but I always expect my boyfriend to welcome me back with open arms.
Full of free upgrades and loving sayings like,
I missed you, and I can see how much you have grown up. I know this time will be different between us.”
Because it would have been.

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  1. You have grown up so much, don't they know that you don't live with mom and dad anymore?


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