Thursday, January 7

Gone away from me

It seems strange that the police still have not arrested Josh Powell for killing his wife Susan. I keep thinking everyday that I will hear that on the news. So, this morning I read some articles on the case and also checked out the Scott Peterson and Mark Hacking cases. To see how long it took them to come up with evidence and for them to be arrested. From what I get from the  Mark Hacking killing, it was obviously not a planned thing. He left blood all over the apartment and he confessed to his brothers only a week or so after his wife went missing. It only took the police about three weeks to arrest him. Which is what we expect to hear in these type of cases every time. Its hard to believe or want to believe that these crimes were planned and evidence was properly disposed of (because it makes you loose faith in humanity and you spend three months thinking your father, brother or husband could be capable of the same thing). Laci Peterson went missing in December and Scott wasn't arrested until April. They never actually found  much DNA evidence to connect Scott to the crime. They had plenty of circumstantial evidence and were able to piece it together that way. For example: telling the woman he was having an affair with- two weeks before Laci went missing-that he had lost his wife and was sad about spending the Holidays alone. Going fishing the day Laci went missing at the same Bay where later Laci's torso and their sons fetus washed ashore. CREEPY!

So, like I said, I spent the morning reading articles about Josh and Susan and here are the four possible scenarios and reasons Josh has not been arrested: According to me. Which I feel like I can give, considering how much Dexter I have seen lately.

1. Josh is innocent. All the creepy behavior ( which might be that he has Asperger's, a social disorder, that can make you indifferent to emotions) and odd incidents that seem damming are just weird coincidences. And he knows that he can't convince anyone of his innocence, so he is just keeping quite.
2. Josh is one sick mo fo. He knows he made a solid kill. He cleaned up, he covered his tracks and he believes that he is as safe as a basket of puppies. Josh Powell aka Dexter Morgan.
3. Josh knows the clock is close to midnight. Even though this seems to be taking forever, DNA evidence and testing actually takes a deal of time. So does solving a murder.  Especially if they don't have remains, how do you consider it a murder with no body? I think Josh knows its only a matter of time, though. I don't think he moved to Washington, so much as moved his kids to Washington.
4. Maybe the neighbor did it. I get a weird vibe from this dude. Like he might be over compensating for something? You have to read the whole article to understand where I am coming from.


  1. You should consider doing this, for real.

  2. Do you know he has Asperger's, or is this just part of your conjecturing? #1 is right out BTW. Does anyone on God's green (white) earth believe he's innocent? No. He may very well have made a solid kill, but there is not a single thing about his story (except the lack of Susan body) that adds up. He is one screwed up mo fo.

    Read the whole article. Wait, is this the same guy who is in the news today because he backed the truck up to the fence and tried to retrieve the playground thing he gave them. Yes, I thought that was weird also. But not dead body hidden in basement weird. However, if I were him I'd start shutting up. He may very well be next on Josh Powell's to-kill list if he keeps it up.

  3. I realize read (reed) and read (red) are spelled the same. Beginning of the second paragraph is red, as in I red the whole article. Not a command for my bloody paws pals to reed it.

  4. I agree he mostly like did it and we all think he is guilty. But I'm just saying how crazy would it be if: He was innocent, he is super wacky I will give you that(cuz maybe he has Asperger's?) As a result of said mental affliction, he really took his kids camping at midnight in sub zero temps. leaving Susan at home. Meanwhile, crazy stalker neighbor who has a crush on her and thinks Josh is a asshole, and who admitted to thinking her pretty and trying to get her to leave her husband, kidnaps her and kills her. Knowing he can blame it on Josh because he is an asshole and he is super creepy and the neighbot is just diabolical.

  5. note* I agree he most Likely* did it.


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