Wednesday, January 20

So is your face

Turns out I have a love hate relationship with this blog; and myself (but who doesn't?). I often think after a post, "Liz, this is why you have 15 followers, you are not very funny, and you make a lot of grammatical mistakes, you big dummy."
Then there are times when the post just flows and my mistakes are few and I think, "Hello world, I am fabulously funny, if I didn't write this blog, I would totally read this blog!"

Then there are the days when I can't think of a single thing to post. Don't get me wrong, I always have opinions. Opinions I feel nee to be shared with all of you, most of the time. Then there are days when I feel like, if I can't even bring myself to care enough to write it in a post, then NO ONE cares, therefore, this blog is pointless. So, I sometimes talk myself out of posting. It is a very strange relationship, the one I have with myself and this blog. That is until now. I just made the decision this morning. So; I tell myself: IT doesn't matter, I have 15 people who care enough, so I will post, and that is that. And myself will tell me, "Whatever, your hair looks like shit today anyway."  


  1. Aw bb, you're way too fabulous to be so back and forth with insecurity. Stick with the confident! It's so you. And it's much nearer the mark.

  2. You have FIFTEEN! I am so jealous. Ya' otta be grateful. And, you are funny. Your choice in music is fabulous, too. I love you both.


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