Thursday, January 21

Hit me baby one more time

Last night on our way back from diner. Anthony and I were listening to some NPR, which we do, cuz we care about the world, and we are just better than the people who don't listen to NPR. (really though I can't call myself a religious listener, I do go through stages where I listen all the time, but mostly, its on and off, while driving home from work).

So anyway, there was this story on last night about former drug addicts and criminals getting a second chance at life through some company that would employ them (sorry the details are just not coming to light this morning). Essentially, the story was talking about how its hard to reform your life, once you lived on the edge for so long. Then this blowhole/dude starts talking about how he fell off the wagon one day after being approached by a hooker, because she was looking really good. So they got some alcohol, did some crack cocaine and just really had themselves a time.
  To which Anthony says to me "Man, I just don't feel bad for these people, you know what I mean?"
To which I said
"Yeah, I do, because we all want to do crack cocaine and party with hookers, but we don't. We restrain."

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