Thursday, January 7

Are you aware the shape I'm in

Sometimes I think about how unfair life is and how I should be Paris Hilton. Not in the sense that I love her, but to have her money and the freedom of not working and being able to shop whenever I wanted (so I'm shallow, whatever).  In my head, I would do many great things with her amount of money and her status. Plus, I would for shiz, dress way better than she does. They (socialites) don't understand what they could be doing with the advantages they have over most of the population. Instead they choose to use those advantages to become paparazzi fodder? Go figure.
There is always a moment when I see what kind of a life that really is, and I thank my stars I don't have what they have (not I said the fly, not me said the bee). For instance, Casey Johnson, heiress to the Johnson and Johnson Corporation, was found dead on Monday. The police say she had been dead for days? DAYS! Which to me is the saddest part of this whole thing. Her ex's are pointing fingers and trying to place blame, saying they loved her most. Which can't be true, because when you love someone, you are aware of them. Especially if you knew something was wrong and you were checking up on them. How can that be true if no one, even you, knew she was dead for DAYS, which is more than one, because it is plural!
I know I don't have the luxury of buying everything I want, but considering how alone these girls seem, I think that's ok. Because I could name a least three people who love me enough to know I was dead.
To those three blind mice:
 When I die, I would like to be found fresh and preferably I would like to go in a glamorous way like: saving my family from a sinking ship. So look for me on the sea, For I have been out for far too long.

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