Wednesday, January 13

What is black white and red all over?

This picture is letting me down. I could continue to search for the perfect one, but alas, I don't feel like spending any more time doing that. Essentially my story is this: I run into things all the time. Literally, I can't pick my feet up and walk. I am a totally mess. Once I tried to take a bike fore a test drive in Target and ended up eating it. I crashed into the rack of bikes, fell off my bike, landing on my hands and knees and taking a bike tire to the face. It was a proud moment, I am sure the security camera footage was priceless. Even in my own house, where I know that my coffee table is wide and to watch my toes, I still almost loose one or two a month. Or that my bookcase is close to the corner, or my bed is low profile and I need to swing wide so I don't slam my shins into them. But I do it every damn time. I just can't get it together. I hit my shin so hard on my bed frame; I had a lump and a nasty bruise (large, green, yellow and a very pretty blue) for a month. Just as it was healing, I smacked it almost in the exact same spot, on my bookcase. Son of a booger, it hurt. Hurt so bad I cursed the stars.

Finally it started to heal, no more discoloration, but it was still super sore. I am pretty sure I did permanent damage. Because only when your leg is healed, but still sore to the touch, is something really wrong. To add insult to injury, I smacked it again on Monday, same damn spot, every damn time! Seriously what is wrong with me?

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  1. Son of a booger!

    Clutziness must be a Thompson trait. Sounds so familiar.

    Also: I know those bumps of which you speak. I had a lump on each shin this last summer from July onward. It was probably October when the worst lump (right shin) finally went away.


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