Monday, January 25

Joe, again by heart

Alright, my dears - We went to Sundance on Friday. In hopes of spying sir Joe Gordon Levitt. I had hoped to get a picture with him, if possible. I am sad to report that did not happen. I am happy to report that I did get to see him, if only for two seconds.  I did also manage to scream his name at him, not my proudest moment, but it happened none the less and it went something kinda like this. 
My sweet as can be sisters (Lucy and Marianne) and I got work off on Friday. Originally we had hoped to go to the movie that Jo and Natalie Portman were in called; Hesher. Unfortunately for us we didn't get it together early enough and purchase tickets. So we decided to just go to the theater and spy him as he went in. It was cold, it was wet and it snowed a lot. We all wore boots of some kind just not the type that repels water. So we nearly froze our feet right off. We ended up standing around before the movie started and just waited. There were tons of people coming in and out of the theater and the High School which is attached to the theater, so it was chaos. We spotted some people with cameras that were standing around, and decided to stand around with them. We weren't the only people at Sundance, who went just to star gaze; there were people there who had fancy cameras and those who get autographs. So we all stood together waiting and freezing.
We ended up waiting until the very second the movie started and we never saw him go in. Apparently he didn't get dropped off right out front (where we were perched), so he managed to walk in all undercover, coming from the side.
Which, initially bummed me right out, but I mean can you really blame him? But the thought he had walked right by and we missed him. I was almost in pieces.
We met some girls who had come down from Idaho and they said that at the end of the movie they usually come out the back door (which they had just come from and they met Tony Hale aka Buster Bluth and said he was so nice, he came over and talked with them and took pictures, and we were sad we missed him). So, having nothing to loose, we decided to meet back there in two hours.
As we slowly creep-ed back down to the theater in a shuttle, I thought we were going to miss him exiting and I was a frazzled mess, but some how we made it; and with plenty of time. We stood in the back of the theater for a while, meeting the girls from earlier and some other people as well (all there to spy different people). It seemed wrong somehow, as we stood staring at the back door. Considering there were some black SUV's at the front of the theater. So we thought about splitting up, some in back- some in front. We debated and deliberated and uneventfully ran up front. We stood there for a while longer and continued to freeze to the core. There were tons of people and if you were just standing around you had to wait inside of this pen type thing. So, inside our pen of injustice we waited and the sky darkened and people kept moving in and out of the building.
I would have given up hope if there wasn't still just one SUV. I had to believe that it was going to be the one JGL got into, it just had to be. Then it happened and it happened so fast: I had my eyes on that SUV and some guy started to usher someone into it (which I just knew it was him, even before I knew it was him) When I finally got a visual I shouted and pointed "There he is, JOESPH GORDON LEVITT!"; he looked up and gave us a smile and a wave; time slowed and it literally felt like a dream and still does, because how surreal to see him just a few feet from me.) Then he disappeared into the waiting sports utility vehicle. We screamed for him, but he never came back out, and then after a minute the SUV pulled away from the curb and it was over.
 Initially I was excited that I had after all that, actually seen him. Then I was super bummed and I felt like I needed to go back and try to find him again. I still keep thinking about it and I feel happy and sad about it, its been a roller coaster of feelings the past three days. And I could probably talk about all those feeling until the cows come home. But, this post is already long enough and I already did my nerdy fan thing and now its time to return to reality. So here I am and here I will stay.


  1. It does my heart good that you at least got to yell toward him, and that he waved. But I wish it could have been so much more than two seconds, and so much less freezy. Did you drink lots of warm tea afterward, I hope?

    How much are you going to enable me on 5 April at the E Center when I go out back and wait for Muse to come out? That's how much I enable you with JGL, and have crazy high hopes you'll get another chance soon.

    Can't get it to interface with LJ to verify my identity, so I'll sign it—


  2. Oh hey on last refresh Percussion Gun came up on the playlist! *boogies*

    - Alyson again

  3. Alyson -I enable you until you are dragged away in handcuffs.We did drink lots of tea but we still just froze. I was all about going back to Main Street to find him again, but after our all day ordeal, it felt like too much to ask. My loyal sidekicks were cold and frozen. So hopefully I can make it back up before the festival is over.

  4. If I lived closer I'd totally go with you. Do you think he's making a trip down here? I'll help you stalk him just short of handcuff-dragging!


    P.S. I might be kind of shattered if my LJ ident luck has worn out.


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