Tuesday, December 29

No; I'll shoot the cook, I'm parked out back anyway

{Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins}
I am trying to make sense of this, ummm... break-up? Not that I feel in anyway sad about it. I feel like at 63 you can do whatever the hell you want, even more so, when you look like Susan does. I mean right? Right.
 I just can't get my head around being able to walk away after 23 years and two kids. They never married, so, they just... broke-up. I mean the mess to clean up will take less time than any marriage that ended after 23 years. They just divide the record collection and she takes her tooth brush.  Which makes a lot of sound sense in my head. I get the whole not wanting to marry bit. I really do.
 But, it almost seems too easy. After having all that history and time together, shouldn't they suffer more? If only  to cause them pause in the end, rethinking, if there really is anything worth ending a 23 year relationship?
I think that might be why divorce is so brutal. To give you pause and consider how much you really dislike that person. Which, really? It took you 23 years to decide you didn't love him? That seems crazy.
Or, maybe it got progressively worse over the years. If so, how long was it bad for? You gotta think they worked on that sucker for a while. How long do you do that, when you have been together 23 years? OR, is that the reason you don't marry? The availability to just walk away, no trying, just doing. Just like Yoda taught us: there is no try, only do or do not.
I get that to some, that sounds nuts, but you gotta see some of the logic in that as well.
Like I said, I am still trying to work through it. And seeing as how I am one of two people in my office today, I think I have the right to sit here and ponder the wonders of love and relationships. Especially, because I don't feel well and I shouldn't have to be here at all. But that I will handle on my own time.

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