Tuesday, December 29

Bloody Paws, Inc.: WORST OF 2009

Winter Rose

Dear Jennifer Donnelly - I really appreciate what you are doing with your books. You are giving us some lovin, as well as a great story; I really like that. However, your books could be about 200 pages shorter than the 800 pages they tend to be. This would eliminate, preferably, all the super mean things you do to your characters. I mean do you not care about them at all? It is almost painful, no scratch that, it is painful to read your books, I was in torment the whole latter half of Winter Rose. Not only is it painful but you need to work on making that ending more satisfying. If you are going to make India and Charlie wait (how ever many years it ended up being; I think 10) to be together, the least you could do is give us more then them driving off into the sunset together. I mean hell, you were already at like 757 pages, what is with a few more? You cold hearted bitch.

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