Tuesday, December 29

Did you know that Bianca was a missionary?

Two movies you should watch tonight, instead of whatever else you were planning on doing.
Don't do that, watch these movies instead.
Lars and The Real Girl

So for one of my book club, books, we read "The Lovely Bones". Which, is a sad story, but a really beautiful one as well. When we get together to talk about these books, sometimes, not always, we talk about people we picture for the characters. My brain conjures up images of make believe people, described exactly like they are in the story. While my sister likes to picture famous people, which makes for an easier visual, so the group usually does the same. We discussed, albeit briefly, that Ryan Gosling, was going to be the dad in "The Lovely Bones" the movie. But, Ryan left over creative differences. We then proceeded to agree that we didn't see him as the dad, but, Mr. Harvey. Who, I won't give it away, but take my word for it is super creepy, and is played in actuality by Stanley Tucci, which is fine, whatever.
We all agreed that 1. Ryan was younger, like Mr. Harvey. and
2. He can do awkward and strange and enduring, very well, because have you seen Lars and the Real Girl. See, I was bringing it full circle.

I love Ryan Gosling; I think he should be in more movies, maybe even, every movie. I love Lars and the Real Girl. Any movie that can make you care about an anatomically correct sex doll, care about and love, because you actually care about and love, the character that, cares about and loves the doll, is alright in my book.
Next movie "Once".

Even if you never saw the movie when it came out forever ago. You probably heard the song "Falling Slowly" on the radio. Because they played it a million times. Also it won an Oscar, where were you?
These two, the stars of once, have an actual band now called "The Swell Season" and they have a album that was just released called "Strict Joy" and from the few songs I have heard, I say check it out! Either do that before or directly after you watch "Once".

Also: go here to see their website, and watch the video for "Low Rising" directed by Sam Beam (Iron and Wine). It is particulary sad, when you know this fact: They were together, now they are not. But they are adult engough to still be in a band. Even though all the songs they are singing are about the person next to them. *tear*

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