Wednesday, December 23


We love us some pretty men. Here are my picks for the men of 2009. Not so much in any order.

Sharlto Copley

Played, Wikus-the main character, in District 9.
Just think last year he was just some guy. Now he is filming the A-Team! That is one hell of a year, if you ask me. Even though you didn't and you won't so that is why I have a blog!

Wes Anderson

Wes is someone I would love to have tea with. We could talk about a lot of things for hours, because we have so much in common (at least we have great conversations in my daydreams, I am always super funny, he is always super charming). So you know, WES, Call me!

Spike Jonze

 I really love Spike. I think him not only attractive but super funny (he was in Jackass one, the old man in the wheelchair).  Also he has dated some super rad women; ie Karen O from the Yeah Yeah Yeah's. Which just knocks him up about a million notches on the awesome belt. So I love him Not just for making Where the Wild things Are. But I do feel like he should be really proud of that movie. He also dated Michelle Williams for most of 2009.

 Which I think makes it a good year for both of them.

Joesph Gordon Levitt

This picture is a bit older, but I loved his hair when it looked like this!! Sometimes it amazes me how much he looks like my own man, Anthony, maybe not so much amazes me, but excites me. Anyway, of course he would be on my list of men for 2009, lets not kid ourselves here. He was in two movies this year: 500 Days of Summer, GI JOE: Rise of the Cobra, and he filmed one for next year, with Natalie Portman. That to me qualifies as a good year.

I pine, I parish.

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