Tuesday, December 29

Bloody Paws, Inc.: WORST OF 2009


I dont know about you, but I watch Chick Flicks for mindless fun and predictable romance. It’s a nice consistency.

They meet, fight, break-up, make-up.
I mean, would I enjoy some plot line with my Jude Law, absolutely.
Women are smarter than you might think.
But, that doesn’t mean that I enjoy a woman combating a disaster 3/4 of the movie, and finally in the end things start going her way.
The name says it all her life is in ruins, and so is mine. I have enough stuff to sort through, let alone watch somebody else's disastrous life.

Also, the main guy looks like my childhood neighbor Brianna Berrett.

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  1. haven't seen it and now I don't have to waste my time.


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