Wednesday, December 23


BEST WORST MOVIE: GI Joe; Rise of the Cobra

I got to be completely honest people. My desire to see this movie would have been severely small, if my JGL wasn't in it. Although you couldn't see his cute, cute face 95% of the time. I still think it was worth it. Turns out this movie was just a fun time. Sure the writing wasn't amazing (they can't all be The Dark Knight), but it beat the pants off of Transformers. I thought Transformers was just bad, bad. I don't hate Megan Fox, I really like her, even if she can't really do more than be super hot; but man she does it well, right? right.  But I got soooo sick of her pouting at the camera with overly glossed lips, like, half way through Tranformers. And I could go on and on about how bad that movie was. Where as GI Joe,  had good action, very unbelievable CGI, fun/stupid dialogue and was essentially the best kind of popcorn movie you can hope for. I liken it to the first X men movie or first Spiderman. Okay that may be a bit generous, but you are picking up what I am putting down; Just a dumb good time.

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