Wednesday, December 30

Bloddy Paws Inc.: WORST OF 2009

This is a triumphant day for me!  If there was ever a rant I was born to write, This is it!!!!
Taylor Mommsen

So here is the deal. I don't know where your mother is, but she needs to be taken out back and shot. She is the worst adult figure for someone to have, if you are allowed; at your tender age of 15, to dress like this. Or to be allowed to think you are Courtney Love. Or to be allowed to say the things you say in interviews. Or to be allowed to think that you are super mature and adult because you deal with a lot of adults and you date older men. 
You have years to mess your life up, why rush into it so early on? You need to slow down,  wash the raccoon eyes off, put some pants on and attend a slumber party or two. That is what you do when you are 15, that, and go to the mall and stalk boys you think are cute.

because when you do rush your childhood - into crazy/wacky adulthood (because not all adults do the things you do Taylor, being an adult does not equal wearing lingerie on stage, mostly) this is what happens to you.

Right? RIGHT!

Oh yeah and K stew, you disgust me. IT has nothing to do with who you are dating or not dating, but it has everything to do with this
In your own words
Wha, (lick lips), NO (lick lips) I don't, Wha, don't, I, I, Wha, No, I, Wha (lick lips), Wha!


  1. LOOK WHAT I FIGURED OUT. Do you see which blog this is, and that I'm commenting? Heh.

    Today Emma said like the worst prayer ever on the food, lots of stutters and mumbles. I told her it was as though Bella was praying on the food.

    And we were watching The Grinch a few weeks ago and Emma told me that little, angelic blond girl grew up to be on Gossip Girl and I was sort of horrified. This post has magnified my horror about 1000 fold. She's only 15? WHERE IS HER MOTHER?

  2. This is so exciting I can't handle it, YOU CAN COMMENT! Let the games begin!

  3. I had to (1) use a different browser; (2) use a different account; and (3) do a backflip and a triple salchow. But I can comment!


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