Wednesday, December 23


Best in Show:

In retrospect; we attended some amazing shows this year. And by we, I mean just that, I only attended one show sans Liz. I could list them all for you, and give supporting evidence for each one, and they all could fall into the best category. But that would take away from this one, which trumped all the rest. Its not that Bon Iver wasn’t incredible and Band of Annuals wasn’t fantastic; it’s just that Devotchka held the most agreeable variables.

{Devotchka dancer}
Aside from the couple on ecstasy in front of us, everything was perfect. (And even that gave us something more to love about the show, in all reality.)

The audience was mature and grateful.
They sounded better than on CD.
The drummer was a stone cold fox.
We were a few people away from being right in front.
I had waited 4 years to see them live.
There was so much goodness happening on stage that you were never bored.
It was inside.
Mostly, everybody was there to see them.
I wish I had that night back.

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