Wednesday, March 31

Thanks Steph

Stephenie Meyer just announced a book or rather novella told from Bree's perspective. Those of us who have read the Twilight books, know who Bree is. For those who don't, she is a newborn Vampire who is turned by Victoria (the redhead who talks from the side of her mouth). I don't even know how I feel about this, but I am for sure that I feel something about it. 
I know I will read it, 1- because from June 7th to July 15th you can read it for free on Thanks Steph! and 2- I hope reading this book will feel like reading Twilight for the first time. Before all the hype and movies came and took something I loved and made it a redheaded step son of what Twilight should be. Oh well!!!
I also think if there was a minimal character to have a story told, one that I would actually want to read, because I feel and always felt (when I heard she planned on writing this story, plus, can we get something other than Twilight out of you Stephy Poo?) like Bree's story was blah, but we all know that even if Steph isn't a great writer she is a good story teller. Anyway, the story I would prefer is Riley's. Or whatever that boys name is, the one Victoria uses, says she loves him, got him to turn all the vampires, etc. etc. Now that would be a good read. Would it not?

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