Wednesday, March 31

I like to watch you when you sleep

I can't stop playing Spider Solitaire. I love it so much and I am becoming obsessed.
(My desk at work)
I find myself thinking about it when I am not with it. I find myself dreaming about it at night. Picturing it holding me in its arms and telling me everything is alright; just put the red club on the black spade, it whispers delicately in my ear. I find myself dressing for it, changing outfit after outfit, because all want is to look nice for Spider. I find myself arriving at its house in the middle of the night, not knowing how I got there. I find myself pulling it out of  bed and shushing it as it tries to scream out. Then I hum to it softly as I wrap the duct tape around its hands and feet, making sure it doesn't hurt too much. I find myself lowering it slowing and carefully into the trunk of my car, and even when Spiders eyes plead, I just simply kiss it sweetly. Then I find myself tossing its precious self off a bridge and smiling to myself as Spider falls, because now I can sleep, now that I know I was the only one to ever have, ever love, Spider Solitaire.

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  1. Heh. Spider Solitaire never even knew what threw it off the bridge, you were so stealthy.


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