Wednesday, March 3

I need you to think about what you have done

I just read this book for my book club, last month. I have since found myself recommending it to everyone I talk to. It is so funny, I mean laugh out loud High larry ass! I wasn't sure how I was going to feel about it exactly, until I read the back and there was some praise for the book from Ira Glass (who hosts This American Life on NPR on Sundays at six, if you have never listened to this show I highly recommend it.)
That was enough for me. It didn't matter that there was excerpt in Vouge a few months back, telling me to read this book. Or my aunt, whom I trust to have good taste books, recommending it for book club. None of that mattered I kept pushing aside the sound of reason, for my own inner dialogue of  not wanting to go there. I only considered opening it when I saw Ira's stamp of approval. What can I say, I just love him and I love that radio show ( I like to dream that one day I will be on that show). I would probably shave off all my hair Brittany style, if Ira told me to.  In Ira I trust!

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