Monday, March 22

Dear Sandra

Congratulations on your win. Oscar, that is the big leagues, in the industry of the silver screen. I personally didn't see Blindside, but I really wanted to. It looked like a real good teary time and as a women there are few things I like more that a good teary time. They include but are never limited to: flowers, kitchenware, rainbows and snuggles.  Also I totally love you. I just need to throw that out there, because right now you need to hear things like that. Things like your hair is very shinny and your outfit never makes you look fat. If there was someone who looked fat or trashy in their out fit its that good for nothing whore with the tattoos. I mean lets be honest, you know who I am talking about. She is trash and if the rumors are true Sandy dear, don't let it totally mess with your self perception. You are gorgeous, talented, hot/happen, smart, super funny, successful and Oscar worthy!!
And don't let a messy heap of two day old rotten potatoes and sour milk, let you believe any different.

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  1. I love her too. She's what Meg Ryan used to be, she gets all the good movies and she's like squeaky-clean and the person we all want to be. I hope she dumps her hub, but if she works it out with him and is happy then I hope it out with him and is happy.


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