Tuesday, March 30

Hurts your face

After much thinking and pondering and deliberation and contemplating, I came to this: Easter is the best time to purchase candy! So with this nugget of knowledge I present my top 5 favorite Easter Candies.
1- Sweet Tart Gummy Bunnies

These are amazing in texture and tarty sweetness. I ate so much of them this season, my teeth are now sensitive to hot and cold. So Yes, I totally messed up my teeth. But I can not help myself.

2 -WarHead Sour Easter Eggs

I can't even find a picture of the right gum. Rest assured it is out there and they are amazingly sour. The egg itself is gum, but inside is sour powder and so much of it, you will find yourself choking in ecstasy, or, simply watering at the mouth while you hunt for pictures, like I am.

3 - Sweet Tart Chicks, Ducks and Bunnies

These are so addicting, I ate half a bag for breakfast this morning!

4- Whole Foods - All Natural Gummie Bunnies
Damn can't find a picture. Anthony hated them, but I thought they were all sorts of velvety and delicious. They are extra sticky and almost taffy like, but man they were so tasty!

5 - Reeses PeanutButter Eggs
This is universal and I don't think I need to defend this shirt to you

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  1. Excellent list, my sensitive-sugar-toothed sweetie. I'd share that pack of candy for breakfast with you. And a peanutbutter egg would hit the spot right about now!


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