Friday, March 26

1, 2, 3, 4 tell me that you love me more

Instead of trying to count up all the women Tiger and Jesse apparently slept with, why don't we start counting all the women they didn't sleep with. Then we can all move on with our lives and start focusing on really important things like this guy.

Homeboy solved the worlds most complex math problem (Max Fisher would be so lucky) in 2002. It took math experts until 2006 to determine he had done it correctly. Which how do you correct the worlds most complex math problem? Furthermore, what is the point of creating that problem and then solving it? What exactly does it contribute to society or contribute at all? Regardless, he did it and they ( the royal they) confirmed it correct. Then they offered Mathsputin an award and prize money of 1 million dollars, and he turned it down. Because they say he is a little odd..... like, no duh! Have you ever heard the phrase "Crazy Smart"? Does it shock you to know he is reclusive, has bad hygiene and lives with his mother. Why worry about how you smell when your brain is probably working out how many gallons of water you would use in your life time, because even if you wash today, it will just get dirty again, and again and again. Can you even imagine what its like for him, living among people like us, who thrive on things like Jersey Shore? I think our society is stupid and I'm no Einstein. 

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