Thursday, April 1

All the good ones are Canadian

I have a problem with Justin Beiber.
And it is not his music. I have come to grips(reluctantly) with the reality of, whether I like it or not, R&B music exists in this world. It is sadly just the way the cookie crumbles. Not only does it exist but so does music by the likes of  Lindsay Lohan, Vanessa Hudgens (Sorry Alyson) the Jonas Brothers etc., etc. Even though it makes no sense to me, it obviously does to many people. Therefore I accept its existence. So my problem with him lies solely in the fact, that he doesn't look like a 16 year old boy. But rather a 12 year old girl, one that is currently trying to figure out her sexual orientation. He's very pretty and not in a, I want to throw my panties at you, kind of way. Rather, its like I want to take him home and have him try on all my high heels. Then do his make up, making sure to put a large amount of pink berry lip shine on his perfectly shaped lips and if this picture is any indication at how well he wears jewel tones, well...I think a nice purple colored cocktail dress would look really nice with his slim and hairless girl arms.


  1. Amen to everything. If someone hadn't written that really kind of sweet/cute song that Vanessa Hudgens sings so nasally, I'd live. I've got plenty in the iTunes cache. I don't get Justin Bieber at all.

    O HAY. You aren't on FB anymore, are you? So check out my blog. So many good newses about Muse, and no April Fools jokes.

  2. Sings like one too.
    He kind of looks like a younger version of David Kingsbury.