Monday, March 8

I would like to thank my sock drawer; for being so organized

Since I didn't see the Oscars, I had to do some investigating this morning when I got to work. I was super pleased that The Hurt Locker won best picture and a billion other awards (to see a list of nominees and winners click this), including but not limited to best Director. I literally high fived my computer with pure excitement. I don't know if Katherine Bigelow and James Cameron had a nasty divorce, all the same, it has got to do a girl good to beat your ex at something like an OSCAR!!!!
It also excited me to see that Jeff Bridges won for his role in Crazy Heart, I don't care if he is 60, he is one sexy beast.
 Christoph Waltz wining for his perfectly acted role in Inglorious Basterds, I felt was a given and it was given, so good on the Academy.
 I actually sort of feel that way about all the winners in general. It was a given and they were given. 
The only really sad thing about the Oscars this year, the dresses. It was overwhelming disappointing, especially for the the ladies who were actually nominated (Demi Moore looked great, but homegirl wasn't nominated or presenting or nothing?)
So the two best for me, of ladies actually attending because they were nominated or served some other significant purpose, are

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  1. James Cameron was actually rooting for her, because he already has one and he didn't think he'd get another and realized how [over]hyped Avatar has been. :) But still! It has to feel good!


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