Wednesday, March 3


As a Utahan, I think I am suppose to love the Osmond's? Like, there should be some sort of Utah Pride, that they are from here? Because they are both a little bit Country and a little bit Rock and Roll? 
Well, I'm not. They could and should take a flying leap off a very short building. <----too soon?
I mean, do we really think Marie passed out on DWTS? Hell no, that was attention getting at its best, what a drama queen, although Marie is smokin hot. Donny on the other hand is straight creepy as hell. His big googly eyes creep me right out. Right out!
And I feel like they need to stop holding on to their 15 minutes. I think they should just fade into obscurity, I at least would really appreciate it. I really would.
Having said this. My heart goes out to Marie and I don't mean to be a total d bag, but I really don't like them. Her shoes in this picture, however, are a totally different thing all together. Love Them!

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  1. You were born too late to heart the Osmonds, maybe; one of the elder Osmond sons got married in the SLC temple the same day as your parental units, and Keith and Joan and I sat on the velvet couches in the temple waiting room just across (kitty-corner) the not-coffee table from Donny, Marie, and Jimmy. It was hours and hours, and I for one completely lacked courage (I was like five) and looked away if ever their heads turned anywhere in my direction.

    I had the largest crush ever on Jimmy, I thought he was all that and a bowl of toast. Thankfully, he has faded into obscurity; for the rest? They deserve all the acclaim they've earned. Though I agree Marie is a total drama queen. But that the rest of them are still mostly living typical Mormon lives I think is nothing short of miraculous.

    Can't help loving the Osmonds.


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