Monday, March 15

I'm just gonna put it out there

From the school of thought, if you put it out into the universe, it will happen. I would like to put this into the cosmos's<-- shouldn't it be like comosi?
Anyhoodle. So beknowst to some and unbeknownst to others: there will be a third Batman film directed by Chris Nolan(Hallelujah praise Jesus). He has also been pegged as the next man to re invent Superman. Which given what he has done for Batman, does excite me, however, how many Superman movies do we, as a society, really need? Further more, does anyone else out there feel personal offended that Smallville is still on the air and continuing to ruin the good name of Superman, year after terribly scripted year? Because I for shiz do. For shiz.
Which quite nicely brings me to my whole entire point. I would like to put this out into the 
cosmos's <---seriously it just looks wrong
Please- Chris Nolan, make Michael C. Hall the Riddler in Batman #3. Because we all know how great he would do and how amazing the movie would be. This was something I heard from Anthony, who heard it on a message board and it just sort of settled in and took over as my respiratory system. So like I said, I'm just gonna put it out there.
Thank You for you time.

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