Wednesday, March 31

Here today and here to stay

After a very long night of multiple batteries and pulling my hair out, I have these pictures of when we went to Sundance!

This is us the night before practicing faces for when we meet JGL (which we didn't cause he is lame and I hate him, Ha, I love him!)

Excited next day faces!!!

Me with Danny McBride, he was super sweet, funny, awesome and just delightful. And doesn't he look pleased as punch to be taking this picture with me?

This is an important one, because he is smiling at me, I am telling him that he looks really nice and that his beard is coming in real nice! Plus you can Lucy's big fat head!

Here they are, the Lucer and Danny, don't they look just so happy together? Lucy is either really happy or in pain? Either way Danny is sure happy! That girl with the pigtails, was really nice, she was there to see Rainn Wilson, he never showed. Boo. 
But she did get to meet Tony Hale!!! Whoop!

This is me with Rinko Kikuchi, she was in Brothers Bloom as Bang Bang and she was the deaf girl in Babel!! Yay for Sundance. We also saw Josh Radnor, from How I Met Your Mother. No picture, but he did tell us he had recently broken up with girlfriend Lindsay Price. Good to know I guess.


  1. In the car: how much do you three look like sisters? I mean, when you're all cheesy smiling you're like triplets. Srsly.

  2. In the car: should I be driving and not taking pictures?

  3. also, I was very happy to be with Danny McB.
    A little chilled, but happy.

  4. Oh my gosh!!!! I adore Danny!! I am really, really jealous!!! Please tell me that you love him because of his series Kenny Powers!?!?! He has an adorable smile!! You girls always have fun together!! Cute!


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