Tuesday, March 23

The Quest is forever

 We watched a documentary last night called "Second Skin". Its about the crazy ness that is the world of MMORPG gamers or (Massively Multilayer Online Role Play Games;like World of WarCraft, EverQuest and SecondLife.)
Its insane, just pure insanity. I understand that this is just the way they prefer to spend their time. And I am not judging the fact that they are computer gamers, because who am I to judge, I am a huge nerd. 
I am more judging the amount of time these MMORPG gamers tend to spend playing. Some have families and jobs and they play maybe eight hours or more. Which when you work for eight hours and you game for eight hours or more, that leaves you only eight ore less hours to sleep and be normal. Not nearly enough time to live, I mean when do you get in your ninja lessons? But I guess when you game, you don't need ninja lessons.
But there are also the ones who only play, sometimes for days at a time. Never leaving the killing glow of the computer screen. 1. Because they can't 2. Why would they? Their fake life is so much more thrilling (I mean have you ever raided the Legacy of Ykesah and clobbered troll pirates, taking the island as your own? NO. Well...it...is...Awesome! and is sure beats the pants off saying "You want fries with that?" 
Plus, you are gaming with people from all over the world and they are just as nerdy as you are. Also, I am way funnier and I can bee myself in the game, I interact with people like me and there isn't judgment)
Which I understand, I really do....
But its not real life, its make believe. The only real element is you and the other people you play with and if none of you are a real person outside of the game, then none of it is real. Its just a big lie, a way to escape (which I need that too, we all do) but at the end of the day, what kind of a life is that?

* Note: I may need to take back my judgment. as I previously stated I am a dreamer and therefore I don't spend much time in reality either. It is a far better life when you create it yourself!

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  1. It is pretty sad, I think so too; they're neglecting all the real people in their lives, people with whom they could have an actual, face-to-face, physical connection, to sit in front of their computers. When you dream, you dream with others. You don't have to be in reality, to make personal connections. :)


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