Monday, March 22

It hurts

Burning an extremity of any kind is not really a fun thing to do on Monday, or, if I am being totally honest, fun for any day of the week. In my own personal life I consider my ears and eyelashes, as well as my nose and knees, extremities, also. Why? who knows really, but I kind of think its funny. Mostly because, people are not sure that I actually know what an extremity is when I refer to my nose as one. It is all in good fun.
Not in good fun, is actually burning your finger on the hot plate of a coffee machine. Neither is leaving only a couple swigs of coffee in the bottom of the pot and keeping the button switched to on. Which is why I was over there fidgeting with the damn thing in the first place. Making it a better work eviroment for all, by emptying the coffee pot and rinsing it out and turning it off. So that none had to suffer the smell of burned 
NO Good Deed Goes Un Punished and yet another reason Tea Rules and Coffee Drools. But if I may, I would drink coffee more, just to have one of these retro makers, in my kitchen. I would I really would.

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