Monday, March 1

Dave Grohl + Shelley Duvall= AMAZING!!

I wonder if any of you have ever watched the special features for The Shinning? If not, then maybe you should at some point in your life. If only for the reason that Shelley Duvall is crazy. I mean just super nuts, I can't really recall anything in particular, but she is just super entitled--crazy. Almost as if she thinks the sun rises every morning, just for her.
I also once heard a Barbara Streisand give and interview and tell this story. She went to stay at some hotel. Not just in a room at the hotel, but a cottage out in back. They had planted flowers for her to enjoy while she stayed there. She hated them, thought them disgusting, it was the color.  So, she called and complained about them. The next morning she looked out her window and the flowers had changed color. And that dumb broad thought she had changed the color just by thinking about it. I am not kidding, it never crossed her mind that the staff replanted them over night, NO! Babs was convinced it was all her positive thinking that had changed the color. 
Bringing me to this tidbit: Dave Grohl wants Shelley Duvall to play him in the Kurt Cobain bioepic, that has been announced. Which personally I  think he said this because...I have prayed about this happening and when I whistle into the early morning dew, the sun rises for me too!!!

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