Monday, March 29

Beller is alive!

One of the dudes in my office wife just had a baby yesterday! Sweet it is. Also sweet, they named her Bella (which I don't know that she was named after Bella of Twilight, but I know that his wife has read Twilight). It is a very cute name, that I will not deny, yet, I wondered how popular that name was, so I googled it. According to, Bella is a popular baby name, at least in 2009. Even more popular than Bella is Isabella, which is Bella from Twilight's real name. Which try as I might, I can't ignore the feeling that Twilight is the reason for the popularity of these names. Am I crazy to assume that? I also assumed Edward would be a popular boy name, but its not. Interestingly, Jacob is and not only that but has risen in popularity. Seems team Jacob takes their responsibility of being a super fan, that much more serious than us on Team Edward. Although, when it comes to teams, if you on Team Jacob, your still on the loosing team.

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  1. (Beller is alive!) LOL, excellent use of that line. I have no doubt Twilight is at least partially responsible for the growth in popularity. 50 years from now there will be a lot of Grandma Bellas.


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