Wednesday, March 24

Drag the landing strip

Lucy and I were sitting around watching the boob tube last night, waiting, waiting for Marianne to get home. We started with the Office, because it is always a good time and its what our Papa was watching before he went upstairs to sleep some. 
Then we got antsy and started channel surfin. Not really looking to watch anything good but something else, we just knew there had to be something else.
And we stumbled upon a gem of a show.
First thing is first. RuPaul is the first Drag Queen I ever knew about. To this day I remember her coming forward as the face of drag queens or whatever it was, when I was just a kid. I remember thinking, how in the world does that man walk around in heels? I can't even do that. Also thinking, it was the best looking man, dressed as a women, I had ever seen. Which wasn't saying much considering I had probably only knowingly seen one drag queen to date, her. 
Secondly I have and odd fascination with Drag Queens in general. I use to work in a jewelry store in the mall when I was a teen and we had a bunch of Queens that would come in to buy their jewelry for their drag shows. It was the best part of the job. They were fabulous and flamboyant and they would tell a sister what was up, and I made them, tell me stories about their shows (I was to young to go to one) and bring in pictures and we talked shop for hours. Then we would spend a hour or so, putting together the best jewelry ensembles, things I would never think would look good.  They were magnificent they just knew what would look good, even if it was the most heinous looking stuff on the stand, like earings the size of my left leg, in colors that could be and would be, likely to make someone puke, just at the sight. It was fabulous on them because they knew how to work it!
Third and finally, any show that has a final face off as a lipsynch show down, is a show worth watching, in my opinion. And the only thing it left us wondering was: does RuPaul age? She looks older, but still fabulous, I wonder is she is using the old, blood of a hundred virgins, regime? And do all drag queens just know "He's the Greatest Dancer" By Sister Sledge?

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  1. He looks better than I do :(

    Where can I find this blood of a hundred virgins?


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