Friday, March 5

I can't know this

I have found lately that, even when I don't feel like driving all the way downtown at 9:30 at night to get my hangout on, just to do it anyway. Turns out, every single time I have, fun times ensue. Even when you park at coffee break and have to walk all the way to Urban Lounge in ballet flats--that make more sense as socks-- when there is wet slushy snow falling all around you. And even when you think the bands you are going to see, will totally suck, you can be super surprised (only one sucked, Anthony called it best: two words, 1.shit 2.sandwich). Plus, seeing people that you haven't seen in ages and having conversations about Doc Emmett Brown from Back to Future ( I love #3 because I love that Doc gets a wife and has two sons, Jules and Vern; it makes my heart smile) and driving around in your own DeLorean and how parts are really expensive so its almost not worth the time; is pretty priceless.

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