Tuesday, March 30

I will entertain you with a little soft shoe!

Fact: Mitt Romney likes Chipotle. How do I know this? Because we (my book club) saw him there on Saturday and he was smiling like he was enjoying his meal, so I put two and two together.  It was 100% him, and my cousin took a picture and once she uploads it, I will post the picture here, just so you know that I am not pulling your leg. After seeing him, we were sort of on a high, so we did what any girl does when she is high, err.... on a high, we went to Nordstrom Rack and tried on shoes.They were all mostly excellent, then we came across a pair that were amazing tacky and I was asked to blog about them. First I could not take a picture, because my phone doesn't let me transfer or send picture messages. Which I don't mind, until times like this. But I thought, no big deal I can google the shoe. Which I have been doing for two days and this is the best I can find. 

Which doesn't even do the job, its such a let down and I apologize, but at least you can get a better visual with this image. The shoe we saw had in place of a nice black canvas (like this shoe does, and doesn't look half bad)  a nice denim one! That is right, denim, and not a nice ink rinse, but a light blue, Hello and welcome to 1992, denim. A color in which, at the very sight evokes the automatic imagery of  Rodeo Cowboy britches or a jumper.
Neither of which scream, fashion, at all. So it begs the question as to why Nordstrom would even have a sandal like that in their possession? Furthermore, who outside of the Heathers wardrobe department, would even ok such a sandal to be manufactured?

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  1. It was hideous, but then I think the one in the picture is pretty hideous too. I'd like to see Mitt Romney wearing it, though. Maybe tucked under his suit pants. ;)


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