Wednesday, March 24

The girl is done

I didn't always hate her. But when you talk crap about the show and movie (Knocked Up) that made you famous, you just don't deserve to be famous anymore and you deserve to be hated. Grey's Anatomy and Knocked Up, were her spring board into stardom. Before them, she was the semi hot chick from Roswell and the Bride of Chucky. But whatever...act like a super asshat.
This was obviously the route Grey's was going when they turned Izzie into a whiny, no go for nothing piece of crap. I mean to blame Alex for getting fired and then just disappearing = piece of crap. They were making us hate her so that we wouldn't want her to come back. Which she was a really crappy character after Denny, Denny made Izzie, Katherine should have left after Denny, but at least I know now that I don't have to put up with her any longer. 

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