Wednesday, March 10

Rest in Pieces

I was watching Good Morning American while getting ready this morning and they said that Corey Haim has passed away. Which really makes me sad. His whole life is sort of sad, if you think about it. He was the Robert Pattinson of the 1980's and then he started doing drugs and ended up being one Corey of the shows "The Two Coreys" . Or at least I thought he was super famous in the 1980's. I thought he did a bunch of great movies. Like wasn't he in  Lost Boys, yes, that I know for sure was him. Then there was Stand By Me, wait nope he isn't in that, but other Corey is. Then there is Goonies: nope wrong again, he isn't, but Sean Astin is and other Corey; again.
Anyway, regardless of what he did and didn't do. He was still too young to die. (wait wasn't he in that movie? Nope,  made for TV movie with Juliette Lewis and Brad Pitt. They dated back in the day, now that's crazy!)


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