Wednesday, March 10

XOXO - Dr. Domore

After a very lengthy break, Gossip Girl returned with a vengeance on Monday night. As such,
I need to work through my feelings about the show, so lucky for all of you, I have this blog as a forum for that inner dialogue. Even if you haven't seen the show or you simply detest it with every fiber of your being (Anthony) at least you can enjoy my rantings, Right?
First thing is first, I was so ready for Serena to hook up with Nate. Mostly it had everything to do with the fact that Nate's cousin, whom Serena was all cozy with before break (BB) was not cute and he was married and the whole relationship made little to no sense to me. Secondly, they were itching to get togehter since the word go. I mean the whole reason Serena went to boarding school in season one, was because she slept with Nate, who at the time was dating Serena's best friend Blair. (Hello, if this isn't already your new favorite show, I don't know what to say other than....) but as it turns out, I think Serena is a bit of slut. Yes, that is right. I get that this is part of the show, everyone sleeping with everyone. But Serena has made the rounds and I am personally sick of her. And I am sick of Nate's lush eyebrows. Just stop furrowing them soooo much. Life is not that complicated. 
Which leads us to Little J. Oh, the hate I have for that girl. She is always dressed like a slutty zombie bride; too much make up and all. I realize that she is dressed this way because she is a fashion rebel, but  its exhausting.
 That and I really hate that she is going to get to make out with this box of cute-sicles
It would be really great if Little J, died in a fiery death: after getting super drunk and dousing her clothing line in gasoline and lighting a match (she would die, cuz she is too drunk to get out before she inhales all that smoke, come on people... keep up)
And this nicely transitions into Chuck Bass and the fact that his mother as it turns out, didn't die giving birth to him at all. WTF? I was literally screaming at my TV when they introduced this plot point (BB). 
Finally and in conclusion, if Rufus and Lilly get a divorce, this show is dead to me.

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