Monday, March 1

So long my dough face girl

(I am just sorry none of you can see the amazing pool of drool in this picture)

Lucy and I, have been a bit absent of late, from this here blog. Work lately has just been super busy (I already covered this so...) Anyway I just wanted to drop a quick post and catch you up on what you have missed. 
1. I wonder how I should feel about the fact that there is always a cop at my library? Should I really feel comforted? OR should I start going to a different library? Lastly what are the punk kids doing at that library to warrant a cop there all the time?
2.  When I see young couples from behind I can never tell who is the boy who is the girl? Skinny jeans, is the joke on us?
3. I am paying for my gym membership, I should go, but that sounds as fun as hanging out with Ben Linus. Also, how much longer can my waist band handle pasta every day, my money is on not much longer? 
4. I need to go to the dentist........yup.........still do.
5. Will Lucy ever blog again?
6. Never set up friends on a blind date.
7. How do I feel about Rompers, really? On one hand they tend to be super comfortable. But one the other hand, as an adult, how do I feel about them?
8. If I hold out long enough, will my car vacuum itself?
10. My gauges are gone, it excites me, now my greasy, crusty ass ears just need to heal. 
11. Even though no one but e seems to be concerned  about the Lost series finale, I am. What if they are all aliens?
12. Why does the left side of my hair curl so well, while the right looks like a pile of steaming crap?
13. Was that really Taylor Lautner ( Jacob Black in the Twilight Movies) in that car today? It (the car) was from California and it looked just like him.
14. First Jazz game, yup, fun, especially when co workers get drunk and shake their money makers for the jumbotron!

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  1. #1. You live in da' hood. Nuff said.
    #12. You sleep on your side. Thus, the lopsided hair.
    You look like a sleeping beauty despite the invisible drool pool. I love you.


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